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We have been producting our clothes in Russia for a very long time


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All our goods are made with the best materials


Welcome to our web site. You can find rich assortment of sport, military and casual clothes and accessories. Also you can buy such unique sweatshirts as "Ninja", "Phantom" or "Scout" in our shop. Thanks to all this directions our brand competes with leaders of international market.

You can buy our clothes, using our website or in our showroom, which is situated in Saint-Petersburg, Ligovskiy avenue 50 housing 12 office 112Б. Call us before your visit. 8-800-333-58-31. Also our assortment is available to be bought in more than 30 shops in different Russian cities.

We create high quality goods, paying attention to all production processes. All our goods are produced by the best Russian manufactures, so that, it will be pleasantly for you to wear our clothes and accessories.


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